First Date Etiquette

Okay so pretty much, we’ve all been on a few dates in our life that just went horribly wrong. I bet most of them were your first date, since those always seem to be extremely awkward. I personally have experienced a few first dates that I wish never would have happened in the first place. One of them was even with my boyfriend that I’m currently dating. Weird, huh? Recently, I’ve been thinking about the do’s and don’t when going on a first date, since I have some experience with both horrible and wonderful dates. Plus, dating and college almost go hand in hand, am I right? I mean everyone that attends college, who is single, is pretty much always on the prowl for someone new or for a companion. Here are a few tips and ideas that I’ve concluded will leave both participants of the dates smiling from ear to ear when it finally comes to an end.

First off, I think that whoever initiated the date should have to plan the date. Yes ladies, that means if you ask a guy out, you should plan the date. Don’t leave everything up to the guy. I mean, if you’re expecting someone to plan a date that they weren’t even ready for, then that’s just nonsense.

Ladies, don’t have your expectations too high for the first date. Don’t expect that he’s going to take you out to a five-star meal followed by sweeping you off your feet all the way to the alter. I mean we’re still just in college so take things slow and have fun. I recommend planning a date that allows both individuals to engage each other. So please don’t take the guy to yet another boring movie date. The first date is all about getting to know the other person and you can’t do that in a dark room while watching a film that one of you definitely doesn’t want to see.

Guys if you asked the girl out then you must plan the date. Always, I repeat always, pick the girl up. Don’t have her meet you at the location. That is definitely not a good first impression and she’s going to be turned off right from the beginning. Also please have the date planned before she gets into the car. No girls want to enter a guy’s car and hear, “So what should we do?” It’s extremely sexy when a guy has set up a date and is confident in it.

I’ve been on a few dates when they guy just kept asking me question after question after question. Don’t treat the date as if it’s an interview. No one wants to feel put on the spot when on a date. I recommend asking each other questions that will help you get to know each other and find out if you share any interests. School is always a great topic to start off with because then you can expand into what you want to be and what you like to do. Never talk about exes, politics, or religion. Those are a few subjects that are an instant turn off and can usually lead to either an argument or a total distaste in the person. These topics can later be discussed, if you feel that it’s necessary. I personally enjoy talking about my family, friends, music taste, school, my dogs, and my favorite things to do. These topics are always what come to my mind first when I ask questions on a date. They usually progress into different topics, resulting in a smooth and successful date.

I propose that the date be something outdoor and possibly interactive, especially for the first date. You don’t really want to be cramped into a small restaurant for the whole entire night just talking about god knows what. Plus things will usually end up getting awkward when you run out of things to say. That doesn’t mean you can’t take them out to dinner and you don’t just have to end the date there. Take the other person for a walk on the beach or in a park; girls are suckers for that kind of thing. You can also take them to a shopping center to be able to walk around after dinner and possibly get dessert while not having things get uncomfortable or awkward. Oh, and please don’t take them on a group date. We’re in college and that just seems so middle school. It also shows that you’re not too confident that they date was going to go well. So please stay clear of any group dates until you both are comfortable with each other.

Both participants in the date need to not be too aggressive and over bearing when it comes to the other person. Do not be all over the other person on the first date. It’s a turn off and it makes you seem like you’re only after one thing: sex. I do recommend a simple kiss on the lips or maybe even a make out sesh depending on how the date seems to be going, but don’t take it any further than that! Show the other person you’re either a gentleman or a true lady. Nobody wants to go on a date with a hormone driven guy that is only thinking about getting lucky aka a douche bag or a lady who is easy aka a slut bag.

Ending the date always seems to be awkward because you never seem to know what to say or if you should kiss them or not. If you completely don’t know if the other person is into you, I recommend you kiss them on the cheek. But if you think they are interested and had fun, go for the lips. I would always end the date with a goodnight text and be sure to thank the other for an amazing date.

I feel that anyone who follows these tips will have a wonderful and successful date. If any of you readers care to comment, criticize, or even think of something that I should include or change, please feel free to do so! I’d love to hear from all of you.

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