Interracial Relationships

It has only been about 50 years since the United States became desegregated and only 47 years since interracial relationships were legal. Today, 8.4% of all married couples in the U.S. are interracial. Although, interracial relationships were once deemed illegal, they are now widely accepted and slowly becoming a social norm

Couples involved in interracial relationships do not always realize the immense amount of benefits the relationship has to offer to both people involved.

Each person has the potential to learn about their partners culture, religion, and be exposed to new ways of thinking, possibly learn a new language, and even learn hot to incorporate new aspects of their significant others daily life into their everyday life.

One person’s day-to-day life can either be extremely different or surprisingly similar to another’s, despite their nationality, religion, or other aspects. Their parents and other relatives have passed down most individual’s daily routines to them.

I’ve been in an interracial relationship for a little over three years and my favorite aspect of our relationship is learning all about his Arabic and Spanish culture. I love experiencing the difference of his normal day-to-day activities from what I’m used to. I also thoroughly enjoy experimenting with new and interesting food, hearing the beautiful language they speak, their values, and even the way they see the world.

Realizing what other ethnicities or religions value in life, can help one understand their culture more and can even shape your own person values to better yourself.

Another benefit of interracial relationships is being able to be around another language and being able to see how people of a different culture interact with each other.

I know for me personally it was a huge culture shock to me to meet my boyfriend’s Arabic side because of the cultural and language barrier. I was not used to the way they interacted. The men tended to lead all of the conversations and typically do not involve the women in the conversations unless they needed to be. This was usual to me because all of the women in my family “wear the pants” and take charge, not the men. This cultural aspect has taken me awhile to get used to but I now realize this is just apart of their culture and should not be taken personally.

Interracial relationships benefit not only the two individuals involved, but also their family, friends, and even society. By experiencing someone else’s way of life and their values helps open ones mind to endless possibilities and can lead to a more accepting and tolerant society.

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