The big “o”

Everyone loves to orgasm but female orgasms can be a tricky thing.

Sometimes it can seem impossible trying to get a woman off when it’s so simple to get a male off. Women can be hard codes to crack.

About 75 percent of women never reach orgasm from just intercourse alone, according to ABC News. So sadly if your partner is constantly orgasming when you have sex then she could possibly be faking it.

No need to worry though. There are many ways to make a woman orgasm; it just takes time, practice, and patience.

When I first started having sex I never once orgasmed during intercourse, which made me feel as if something was wrong with me. I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend that did not blame me for not being able to reach an orgasm but wanted to work with me to have me achieve an orgasm, which is not the case with most couples.

Women need to stop blaming themselves for not reaching an orgasm. It’s not your fault at all. You just need to understand your body better to know how to reach an orgasm.

Your new best friend needs to be the clitoris. Whether your significant other is stimulating it or you are you will eventually have an orgasm. It takes time, so be patient.

I recommend that all women to masturbate. You will most likely orgasm every time and it gets you more in touch with your body so you are more likely to orgasm with your significant other because you’re comfortable with yourself.

The clitoris is not the only way to an orgasm, you can also stimulate a women’s g-spot. The g-spot is located inside the vagina on the upper walls. It feels a little rougher than the rest of the vaginal walls. The best way to stimulate the g-spot is to use your fingers in a come hither motion, since it’s very hard to hit during intercourse.

The best way to reach an orgasm, from my personal experience, is to be patient and listen to your partner. If they say go to the left then go to the left. Don’t feel defeated just because they’re giving you a little direction. It helps immensely.

So embrace your sexuality, discover and know your body, explore all the options, and remember to be patient and communicate with your partner and you’ll have an orgasm in no time. Hell, you might even have multiple orgasms.

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