Losing your v-card

There are many misconceptions and unrealistic expectations when losing your virginity. I personally blame porn and movies for these thoughts.

Men tend to think that losing your virginity is going to be a blast and feel totally amazing for the girl. This is sometimes the case but it is definitely not the norm.

Women tend to think that losing their virginity will be extremely romantic and their significant other will also be virgin so they can lose their virginity together and then they will live happily ever after forever.

We do not live in a fairy tale world, wake up, this is real life.

Sex can be wonderfully amazing but it can also be awkward and horrible for others. Losing your virginity has so many misconceptions attached to it that it surprises people when it is not exactly what they were expecting.

While I was in high school and everyone around me was either losing their virginity or having casual sex all the time, I was worrying about finding someone just to like me. Everyone around me was telling me how their first time was and I was watching teenage dramas showing me how it was supposed to happen. I was pretty confused since each story was so completely different.

I thought losing your virginity was supposed to be like it was in the movies. Your boyfriend, the high school star football player, would take you to prom and it would be a magical experience. After prom you two would drink a little and start fooling around in the hotel room your boyfriend booked for yo two. There would be red roses all over the floor leading to the bed with lit up by candle light. and BAM! You two would have have amazing sex and you would have a mind-blowing orgasm. This was not the case.

Other misconceptions associated with losing your virginity are:

1. Everyone will know you are no longer a virgin
People do not just magically know that you lost your virginity last wednesday night to some random guy you met at a friends house that same night.

2. Girls will bleed out because the guy will break their hymen
Most of the time girls have already broken their hymen before they have sex. It can easily be broken from physical activity.

3. If you do not have sex with your significant other they will fall out of love with you
If your partner only will love you because you are having sex with them then you need to get yourself a new boyfriend/girlfriend.

4. If you have sex with someone quickly then you are a slut
People have sex at different speeds. Just because you have sex with someone quickly does not make you a slut or a whore.

Losing your v-card is completely different for everyone. For me, it was very special since it was with someone I was invested in. I had sex only two weeks into my relationship and I’m not ashamed of that. Sex was very painful for me the first couple of times and was not very enjoyable in the beginning. Sex does get better though, I promise you that. Do not go into your first time with all these misconceptions or high expectations. Being intimate with someone can be the most amazing thing ever and it can also suck. Be aware of that and you will not be disappointed.

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