Relationship Milestones

Relationships are hard but lifes little milestones make everything a little bit easier…and interesting.

1. Going on your first date
“Damn, this person is so hot and they like all the same stupid shit as me. SCORE!”

2. First kiss
Awkward. It is always awkward.

3. Having sex for the first time
Bow chicka wow wow

4. Spending the night together
Bed head. Morning breath. Morning sex. And so much more.

5. Not wearing makeup in front of them
It’s amazing what makeup can do.

5. First fight
“You’re the cutest.” “No way, you are the cutest.” “Shut up, silly.”

6. Farting in front of each other
A “Dutch Oven” is not a European cooking device and may result in pink eye.

7. Going on a trip
The stress of planning the perfect get-a-way can be a good indication of how much you care about this person.

8. Meeting the family
What the fuck did I get myself into?

9. Facing a tragedy together
Having your significant other by your side when you are going through something difficult

10. Becoming Facebook official
Having the “are we officially exclusive…like Facebook official?” talk can be awkward but it is an important milestone and helps you realize where you stand in the relationship.

11. Popping each others pimples
You know those hard to reach pimples in the middle of your back? Yeah, that’s what boyfriends/girlsfriends are for.

12. Saying I love you
Woah. The BIG l-word.

13. Talking about the future
Living together, and marriage, and babies. Oh my!

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