Keeping the spark alive and well

Falling in love is most amazing and terrifying feeling in the world because you have so much to gain, yet so much to lose. Over time, this feeling does change though. It does not mean that you love your partner any less but your love evolves. The exhilarating rush of slowly yet quickly falling in love is not a permanent feeling but that does not mean that you lose it forever. You can bring the spark back into your long-term relationship just as easily as it was for you to let go and fall in love in the first place.

Relationships are difficult but they don’t always have to be. Both people need to keep the relationship alive and spontaneous. No one wants to feel forgotten or unappreciated, so show your partner you care and are still very much in love with them. Routine can kill a relationship. Keep things exciting and try new things as much as possible to keep the spark alive.

Do something both of you have never done before. Take a trip to a tropical get-a-way or venture into the rugged mountains for a camping trip. So something you both will find interesting. Go skydiving or book a hot air balloon ride around wine country. Doing something that will get your adrenaline pumping will leave you both feeling exhilarated and can help show you both that there is a world full of things you can experience together.

Try going on a date night. But not a normal date night. Have one of you drive the car to a local bar or restaurant while the other takes a cab there about a half hour later. Act like you don’t l know each other and flirt from across the room for a while. Play the typical cat and mouse game. It makes you feel fun, flirty, and sexy. Make up fake names, occupations, and personality traits. As it gets later, get a little friskier and ask your mysterious midnight hottie back to your place for some steamy hot sex. This helps keep things flirty and exciting.

Another tip is to try something new sexually. Whether it be new sex positions, role-playing, or even acting out each other’s fantasies. You can easily Google some interesting sex position and chose a handful to try out. Just remember not to take it too seriously. Trying weird sex positions can be hilarious and a whole lot of fun. Laughing at yourself while you try a sex position called “the butter churner” will help keep things fresh and comical. Try to keep your partner on their toes and always wanting more,

Don’t forget to show your love. Couples that have been together for a while seem to stop showing affection towards their significant other and that’s a huge problem. Saying “I love you” holds a lot of meaning but showing your significant other that you truly do love and care about them makes all the difference. Be excited when you see them after a ling day at work. Send them random love texts or emails throughout the day. Or if you’re feeling extra lovey, write them a handwritten love note and leave it somewhere where they are sure to find it. Small things like holding hands, hugging, random kisses, or loving eye contact are vital to a healthy long-term relationship.

In this day and age where we are constantly on the and we tend to forget to show the person that means the most to us how much we care about them. Sometimes you need to take a step back and make sure that they truly know that you love them. Don’t just tell them show them. Make your partner feel special every single day. Keep things alive and interesting by stepping out of your comfort zone and experience something knew with them. Be spontaneous and exciting. Don’t let your love fade, like so many others before you have. Show love and you will be shown love in return.

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