Talk dirty to me

Talking dirty during intercourse or foreplay can either be extremely sexy, completely disturbing or comical. Or a combination of all three.

Some key rules to follow when taking dirty to your partner are don’t be too explicit, keep it simple and sexy, use your partners name frequently, and be true to yourself.

The first tip is to not be too explicit. And by that I mean don’t use certain demeaning words, unless you have previously asked your partner if it’s okay. So you it’s a turn on for you call or be called a “whore” or “slut” then go for it if you’re both comfortable with it. I also would abstain from using too many cuss words. Saying “fuck” or “shit” every so often is sexy but if every other word is a cuss word it can sound a little harsh, aggressive, and potentially controlling.

Keep your dirty talk simple. Tell your partner you like what they’re doing or how you want them to do something. Small moans of breathless sighs can be just as effective as saying something in depth. Use a soft voice and whisper sweet nothings into his ear as you nibble on it.

Using your partners name frequently makes dirty talk more personable. When you use someones name in a conversation they typically feel more connected and feel that you are genuinely interested in them, it’s the same for sex talk. Personalize your whispering wants and your partner will go insane…in a good way.

The last tip is to be true to yourself. If you only feel comfortable with quietly moaning, then just do that. Don’t force yourself into saying something that you’re either not comfortable with or don’t want to say. In the beginning of my relationship I was completely silent during foreplay and intercourse. Now that I’m more comfortable with my partner and myself I am way more open and verbal.

Talking dirty to your partner or having them talk dirty to you can be so sexy and a turn on. You just need to be comfortable with what you’re saying or being told. Open communication is key to a happy sex life.

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