At home date night

There are just some days that you do not feel like going out yet you still want to do something. We’ve all been there, but what options do you have? Here are a few at home date night ideas:

1. Binge watch Netflix
Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket, an snuggle up next to your hot date and catch up on all 8 seasons of the show you’ve been dying to watch in one evening.

2. Build a fort
Make an elaborate fort out of blankets and couch cusions. Get cozy and have a steamy makeout sesh.

3. Take a relaxing bath
Draw a bubble bath, light some candles and spend some quality time relaxing in the warm water with each other.

4. Give each other a massage
Dim the lights, bring out the massage oils, and get rubbin’.

5. Cook dinner
Prep and make dinner together and later….you can be the dessert.

6. Play a game
Try something new like strip poker or whip out those sex dice that you have been holding onto.

You don’t always have to venture out when you’re looking for a good time. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave your bed to have a blast. If you get what I mean 😉

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