Are you TOO comfortable in your relationship?

Being comfortable in your relationship is something that everyone strives for – but there is a fine line between being comfortable and being TOO comfortable. This usually happens when you have completely committed yourself to your partner and you both know the other is not going anywhere. You have made a lasting impression on this person and they love you for who you are. You no longer have to try and somewhat put on a show for them to make them like you. Girls tend to get all dressed up and be extremely flirtatious while guys try to impress girls buy spending a lot of money on them and making sure their car is in tip top shape at all times. But after a certain amount of time, couples become very close and trusting and honest. They simple become comfortable together.

When you are first starting to date someone you are constantly on your best behavior. All of your bad habits are hidden. You are trying to show the other person the best you possible. You are extremely attentive and go out of your way just to make them smile.

But as your relationship progresses, you become more comfortable with your significant other. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It is the natural progression of relationship and needs to happen. Feeling completely comfortable around someone makes you feel safe and connected, but it can also cause some problems in a relationship if you get too comfortable.

There is a fine line between being comfortable and being TOO comfortable in a relationship. You do not typically want to cross the boarder. Feeling confident in your relationship is an amazing feeling. But when you notice yourself not trying as hard or not trying at all, whether it be your appearance or showing the other person you care about them, is a sign of being too comfortable. Couples need to steer clear of this at all costs, or it could costs you your relationship.

You always want to shy away from falling into a routine as well. It is good to have a solid structure surrounding your relationship, but do not let it define it or suffocate you both. Break way from your routine every now and then and keep your partner on their toes. Routine can kill a relationship.

I have been in a relationship for a little over three years now and I can honestly say that we are extremely comfortable in front of each other. We are 100 percent ourselves at all times with each other. We can be weird and silly and the other one gets us like no one else seems to. But…we have also had our moments when we have become too comfortable in our relationship.

We are both guilty or not showing the other person enough love or attention at different points in our relationship. My boyfriend is my best friend, but he is also my boyfriend, which I tend to forget a lot of the time since we are so close. I sometimes treat him like my best friend more than a boyfriend and that is a huge fault I have. When I do this, it makes him feel as if I am not sexually attracted to him or as interested in him as I once was.

My boyfriend and I have also struggled with breaking away from our normal routine. In the beginning of our relationship, I would get ready at my house and get all psyched up to see him, and now that suspense has slowly gone down. Which is completely normal in a relationship. But regularly breaking way from your typical routine can help keep things lively and exciting.

We have also been known to do disturbingly disgusting things in front of each other. Like farting on one another, pooping with the door open, popping each others pimples, gaining a noticeable amount of weight, and so on. Personally, I think if these things happen every once in awhile its okay, but if they continue to happen regularly it can become a problem. Having these types of things continue makes the relationship lose its luster. Some things just need to be kept private.

Do not get me wrong, I totally understand if a fart slips or you have a difficult pimple in the middle of your back that you can not reach, but just do not make it a common thing. I am completely guilty of all of these things. I am constantly going into the bathroom while my boyfriend is getting ready just to pee. There is nothing sexy about that. I mean, I can not complain if he doesn’t want to have sex with me right after I just farted in front of him…or on him.

Being in a longterm relationship is tough. It can be hard to keep the romance and the spark alive at times. But if you keep some personal things personal, it can help. Be completely comfortable in your relationship. Feel safe, secure, and loved. Make your partner feel comfortable enough to be themselves every single day. Just beware of getting too comfortable.

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