Sex position of the week: Missionary


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Missionary is the most common sex position. So it tends to get a bad wrap as being boring. For me, I love it.

There is a stigma that the guy does all of the work while the girl just lays there and does nothing. This hopefully is not the case in your sex life. Because if it is…I’m sorry. That does seem a bit boring.

You have to make missionary more exciting.

Ladies, wrap your legs tight around your partners waist. This is extremely sexy and will turn the guy on immensely. Also move. Just because you are on the bottom it does not mean that you just get to lay there. If your guy wanted to fuck something that did not move he would buy a blow up doll. With that being said, thrust, grab his hips and drive him into you; make him feel like you want him.

Talk dirty during inner-course. Saying some naughty things to your partner will excite both of you. Switch it up between yelling or whispering your sweet nothings to each other.

Another way to spice up missionary is role playing. Whether it be wearing a cute little outfit or just taking on another personality, it can be extremely fun. Have someone be the dominant one and take control while the other is the submissive siren and then switch roles.

Try to make the best of each sex position. Try to make it new and fun each time.

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