Shying away from sex

We’ve all been in the position where we’re in a rut; a sex rut to be more precise. Sometimes you can be the one shying away from sexual activity and sometimes it can be your partner who’s not showing an interest in sex.

There are various factors that contribute to a person not being interested in sex. You’re sexual appetite fluctuates frequently and sometimes outside factors contribute to this as well.

Stress has a huge influence on your sex life. Although, sex helps rid people of their stress, people tend to shy away from sexual contact when they are overly stressed and frustrated. Sex is typically the last thing on someone mind when they are extremely stressed out.

Another factor is being too comfortable in a relationship. Being with someone for awhile can usually lead to less and less sex. This does not mean that you’re not interested in your significant other, it just usually is not as important as it was in the beginning of the relationship because the relationship is now built on more than just lust.

Feeling as if you are not pleasing your partner during sex can be another reason for a lack of a need or want for sex. If you feel like you’re partner is not having a good time during sex than you most likely won’t want to try to be intimate with them.

Not having a good body image of yourself can also turn you off to sex. Having body image issues can lead to people shying away from sexual contact because they do not feel physically appealing. I’ve been in this situation before and it’s

Another reason for not wanting to have sex can be past experiences. People with bad past sexual experiences usually will lean towards obtaining from sexual activity. People of sexual assault and rape will do this frequently.

Realizing that outside factors can influence someones sexual appetite can help others understand that there is more to sex than just two people. Being intimate with someone else is a big deal. This person is offering you their mind, body, and soul in that moment. A lot of people take that for granted or are too self-centered to understand their partners feelings about sex.

If you see your partner shying away from sex don’t get offended. Typically it’s not you, it’s usually outside factors. Be open and honest with your partner and hopefully they will do the same to you.

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