Sex position of the week: Spooning


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My boyfriend and I recently tried having sex while spooning. I have heard this is a great way to have morning sex because you are not facing each other so you don’t have to worry about your morning breath madness. I also heard that it is a great position to hit the woman’s g-spot.

First off, this position is really awkward to get into. The easiest way to “connect” is to have the woman to raise her leg into the air. This allows both people to help the guy guide his penis in. His penis will occasionally slip out due to the strange angle but just guide it back in and you are set.

My boyfriend and I both did not enjoy this position. It felt very awkward and we were immediately not into it and had to switch positions. It is really hard to gain momentum and get into a rhythm because of how easily the mans penis slips out. The only nice thing about this position is the fact that you feel very close to your partner since you are holding each other in a loving embrace.

I always recommend trying each sex position at least once or twice to make sure you and your partner enjoy it.

So to reiterate what I already said. Here are the pros and cons of this sex positions in my opinion.

-The spooning position offers physical closeness.
-It is an intimate position.
-The man can potentially hit the woman’s g-spot.
-This position is great for “lazy” sex.

-It is difficult to move around a lot.
-It is hard to gain momentum.
-the mans penis can slip out quite frequently.
-This position does not allow you to face your partner.
-You cannot kiss your partner on the lips.

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