Neglected erogenous zones

Everyone knows of the obvious erogenous zones like the man’s penis, a woman’s breasts and vagina, and the neck. But there are so many other places that can turn you or your partner on. Do not go straight for the main erogenous zones before you spend some time in the other neglected zones.

1. The back of the neck-Kissing and licking the back of your partners neck can immediately turn them on. It is extremely sensitive back there and will be sure to drive your significant other crazy.

2. Wrists-Places like the neck and wrists that have prominent veins are great for kissing, sucking, and licking.

3. Inner thighs-Softly dragging your lips across your partners inner thigh can drive them crazy. I also recommend breathing hot air onto them while doing this. Some people even like the occasional bite or sucking while down there. I mean a few hidden hickeys never hurt anyone.

4. Ears-Nibbling, sucking, and whispering in their ear can a huge turn on. Saying sweet or naughty nothings into someones ear as you trace your tongue along their earlobe will drive them insane and have them begging for more.

5. Fingers-Three words: suck their fingers. It is extremely sexy and a big turn on.

6. Collar bones-Brush your lips across their collar bones and softly kiss them.

7. The crease of the arm-The crease of your arm is extremely sensitive. Kiss, lick, suck, and bite it. Different people have different turn ons and turn offs. Be aware that the penis, vagina, breasts, and butt are not the only places that people receive pleasure from. Keep and open mind and constantly try new things. Hell you never know, you might find something you truly enjoy that you never thought you would.

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