The female orgasm

The female orgasm is a tricky thing. Some girls can achieve an orgasm with ease and for others it’s extremely difficult. Only about 30 percent of woman actually have achieved a vaginal orgasm. Which mean they can achieve an orgasm without any clitoral stimulation, just purely vaginal penetration and stimulation. That means 70 percent of woman are either achieving orgasms with the help of clitoral stimulation or they are not orgasming. According to 10 percent of women have never reached an orgasm.

Trying to achieve an orgasm can be difficult for women due to many factors. Medical conditions, side effects from certain medications, hormonal deficiency, partner issues, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking, sleeping disorders, and much more can make achieving an orgasm extremely difficult.

I personally have a hard time achieving an orgasm. I have been taking birth control since I was in 7th grade (period issues) and on anti-depressants since my senior year of high school (I am now 21-years-old). Both of these medications can influence your sex drive, sensitivity, and your ability to reach climax.

During my first year of college I took a human sexuality class that opened my eyes and mind to the wonderful world of sex. This class pushed me to not only explore my own body but also explore outside of the classroom walls. I went to a sex seminar at the local Condom Revolution where they had a guess speaking. The only thing I took away from this experience was that the guest speaker pretty much said, “If you’re on birth control and antidepressants at the same time then it’s almost impossible for you to reach an orgasm.”

Horrible news for me, am I right?

Luckily, my amazing boyfriend of 3 years is a fantastic lover. He is constantly putting my sexual needs before his own, which means I get oral pretty much whenever I want it. Pretty awesome, huh? I mean I am not complaining.

But just because my boyfriend is very attentive to me does not mean I orgasm every single time we are intimate. The fact that I lack a lot of sensitivity in my vagina and breast and that I cannot finish every time sometimes hurts my boyfriends feelings. It makes him feel as if I am not sexually attracted to him. But that it not the case at all. The combination of medications that I am on have lowered my sex drive, decreased my sensitivity, and have made it extremely hard for me to cum.

People need to realize that 70 percent of woman do not reach an orgasm with vaginal penetration alone. That percentage does not factoring in other obstacles which would make that percentage even higher.

Realizing and accepting the fact that a huge percentage of woman have problems climaxing will lead to a better sex life in my opinion. The girl will hopefully get a little more attention and have the focus of sex be her and the guys ego will be soaring due to making his girl orgasm. When sex is unselfish, it is mind blowing.

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