Don’t fear the foreskin

I have recently noticed a lot of articles, stories, and discussions from my peers about uncircumcised penises.

In most cases, people are talking down about uncircumcised penises. They claim they are “dirty” and not aesthetically pleasing.

Most of the individuals I have spoken to that prefer circumcised penises over uncircumcised have never been with someone that is not “clipped” or has never seen one.

This got me thinking. How can you not like something if you have never tried it?

People tend to not like stepping out of their comfort zones. They like what everyone else likes even when they personally have not experienced it or have any knowledge on the subject besides what they heard from a friend of a friend.

Personally I’m pro-penis. I do not think a little extra skin on a guys penis should be a deal breaker and here’s why:

1. Uncircumcised penises are not “dirty” like a lot of people say. Most people shower daily and have been taught the proper way to clean their penis by pulling back the foreskin and cleaning the whole penis.

2. All penises are not that good looking. Circumcised or not. So your “it looks ugly” argument is not valid.

3. Uncircumcised penises are way more sensitive. The foreskin keeps the head and shaft of the penis moist, which makes it more sensitive. Circumcised penises tend to become “callused” from rubbing up against clothing and the head of the penis can lose some sensitivity.

4. It’s a lot more fun giving head if your partner is uncircumcised. You tease him by playing around with his foreskin before you pull it back and give him a mind blowing blow job.

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