Catcalling controversy

tumblr_mn62ukWZBk1rpu8e5o1_500How many times have you been walking down the street and a car either honks at you or you hear kissing sounds, and other audible nonsense that some men think will attract a woman? If you are a female I am guessing it has happened to you AT LEAST a dozen times.

I personally have had it done to me by men of various ages, ethnicities, and financial background (you can tell by the cars they drive). These type of men do no discriminate either. Believe me. They do not care if you are wearing shorts and a tank top or a turtleneck and long pants, they will still, without fail, “catcall” you.

I am not bothered so much by the fact that these types of men are yelling and “flirting” with me as I am minding my own business but the fact they they think that as women we should accept them catcalling us as a compliment. That is just complete bull shit.

I have struggled with accepting compliments in the past because I have extreme low self-esteem but I have now learned to accept them. Being called “beautiful”, “cute”, or having someone comment on either a physical attribute, personality trait, or even personal characteristic I have is a compliment to me. Being subjected to men whistling, blowing kisses, meowing, and commenting on my boobs or ass in a dirty manor is not a compliment, it is sexual harassment.

If you are one of these men that are catcalling women then take a second and reflect on what you are doing. You are subjecting another human being to your disgusting behavior and expecting them to be okay with it.

Catcalling or being sexually explicit when “complimenting” someone is not okay. It is not fair for any person having to deal with individuals that part take in this kind of behavior as well.

Just remember that telling someone they have a “beautiful body” is different than “damn you have nice tits and a great ass”. One is a compliment and the other is straight up sexual harassment.

Catcalling another human will never be okay. No one wins in the situation either. The person yelling out never gets a positive reaction from the person they are harassing. And the person being harassed feels violated.

Stop catcalling.

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