Female masturbation

Last week I attending a school-run sex love workshop titled “Female Maturbation”.

Being a sex and relationship blogger and writer I was super excited to attend a workshop that directly addresses information that I find so intriguing and strongly support.

The man purpose of the workshop was to address these questions: “Why do you think maturbation is more acceptable for men than it is for women” and “What are the benefits of knowing how to sexually please yourself?” and “How can we make female maturbation a more acceptable topic?”

Before I address these questions I want to do a quick anatomy lesson.

What is generally called the vagina is actually the vulva. The vagina is the muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus while the vulva is the external genitals that include many major and minor anatomical structures like the labia majora (which are the outer lips), labia minora (which are the inner lips), clitoris, clitorial hood, mons publis (which is the fatty tissue found on the public bone), perineum (which the space between the vagina and anus, commonly called a taint or gooch), urinary meatus (which is known as the pee hole), and vaginal orfice.

So now that we know the difference between the vulva and the vagina, lets talk about the questions I stated above.

Why do you think maturbation is more acceptable for men than it is for women?
-Female maturbation is considered taboo to talk about and if you partake in mastubating as a female you are typically seems as “dirty”, which is completely not the case. It seems to be considered this way because of years and years of this type of thinking being reinforced. Female pleasure has always been considered a taboo subject, while male pleasure is a common topic to discuss. There are even some places in the world that still do female circumcisions where they remove the woman clitoris so that it is almost impossible for the victim to feel any sensation through her clitoris.

What are the benefits of knowing how to sexually please yourself?
-There are so many benefits to knowing how to please yourself. The biggest one is that it is a great way to figure out what you like and don’t like so that you can pass this information on to your partner, which enhances your communication in the bedroom. Another benefit is that maturbation helps relieve pain. A lot of women use maturbation to help with the pain caused by cramps and headaches. So basically maturbating is good for your heath. It can also can boost your self-esteem because it releases feel-good chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin during msturbation, which is the biggest release of these chemicals that is non-drug related. I could honestly list another 20 benefits but I think you get that maturbating is a big deal.

How can we make female maturbation a more acceptable topic?
-I personally think the best way to make female maturbation a more acceptable topic is to keep talking about it. We need to inform the uninformed, educate then uneducated, and answer questions that have been left unanswered. And the best way for us to do that is to create more workshops that allow people to go into a safe space for people to discuss their own insecurities, ask questions, and become educated on the subject. I also think it is extremely important that sex educators start talking about masturbation. They need to let younger people know that you aren’t “dirty” or “naughty” for touching yourself. It is natural and completely okay to maturbate. I feel that we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking that anything sexual is dirty and taboo and we really need to change that stigma by continuing to talk about it and normalizing it.

What is your opinion?

One thought on “Female masturbation

  1. I’m surprised there was a course on this in any school, happy to hear it, but nevertheless surprised.
    As a guy my quick thoughts on this are that guys are more accepting of the masturbation label because we have to masturbate. While there are great benefits other than pleasure, like you listed, the biggest reason why guys should masturbate is to have healthy sperm, and thus when we’re learning about it for the first time at a young age we’re naturally masturbating because of either sperm buildup when we hit puberty, or because it’s really fun. Maybe both. I’m guessing this is an evolution mechanism so that guys can sire the healthiest offspring, which is why guys are more used to it, and accepting. From my limited knowledge it seems like girls masturbate in their mid to late teens (either for curiosity or to have fun) while guys masturbate in their early to pre-teens. My theory is that the “I’m late to the party” mentality and “It’s a guy thing” since all guys start early play a part in this as well.

    As for spreading the word on female masturbation being acceptable, I totally agree. It’s sad to learn that there’s a stigma with this, because I think a lot of women get discouraged and look down on masturbation because of it. I mean, I’ve met a few women who really hate the idea of masturbation and just wanted to skip it and go to sex thinking masturbation is completely different and “dirty”. However, while I do like the workshop idea, I think you would have to target this in the middle/highschool health classes. To this day I’ve learned more about sexuality and the human body from the internet than any health class I’ve taken. When I was in health class we focused more on sex, and the limited time we spent on masturbation was focused only on the boys and even then the most we learned was that people giggled when it was brought up. I feel that masturbation is very important during puberty, for guys and girls, and the only way I see this changing is to start changing how we present masturbation to younger teens, while their minds are still learning.

    Great article btw!


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