Body Positive Social Media Accounts to Follow


I spend a lot of my free time on social media, as do many other people my age. I love sharing what I’m doing or the places I’ve explored with my friends and family as well as seeing what everyone else is up to.

Social media is such a great way to stay connected to those you may not see as often as you’d like or family members that live out of state or even following your favorite celebrities lives.

But there is also a “dark” side to being so active on social media. Constantly being bombarded with photos of “Instagram models” (no shade, you do you!) provocatively posing with their rock hard abs and perfect hair and makeup can lead anyone to feel a drop in their self-confidence.

Our perceptions of ourselves can slowly change due to us constantly comparing ourselves to other people and celebrities.

I know I’ve definitely compared myself to multiple celebrities and influencers over the years and it honestly takes a toll on me. I wonder why I’m not traveling to Bora Bora every other week or have long luscious blonde hair down to my ass and why my skin isn’t 100% blemish free at all times.

As humans, we are constantly comparing our lives and the way we look to others. Whether it be all about our appearances or how much money someone else makes; we’re programmed to always compare ourselves to the next person. Remember the old phrase “keeping up with the Joneses”? Well, we still have the same mentality today about trying to be better than the person next to us.

Constantly comparing yourself to someone else can be tiring and more-so it’s just not healthy for us.

Although I still follow a handful of celebrities and influences on Instagram, I have made a conscious effort to follow more people that inspire and encourage me instead of making me question my self-worth.

The following women that I decided to include in this post mean so much to me. They have helped me realize my own self-worth, helped me learn to not be so hard on myself and they’ve helped create a community for women (and men) to come together and support and empower one another.

Because we are definitely stronger together!


I stumbled across Megan’s page a while ago and I absolutely love it! She is like a walking, talking rainbow and I love that about her. Everything that comes out of her mouth is positive and uplifting. She’s constantly posting photos of people all shapes, sizes, races, gender, sex and so much more and helping their voices be heard. I have never seen a more diverse group of individuals anywhere than I have on her page. She always celebrates women and their beauty; inner and outer. My favorite thing about her page is that I always feel so accepted. Her infectious personality and honesty will have you coming back for more!


This girl is a literal ray of freaking sunshine! I swear there is always a smile on her face and only kind words ever come out of her mouth! Bree is a plus-sized model that is obsessed with all things Disney, oh and did I mention she is a literally living, breathing angel? I love that she stands up for what she believes in, like how plus-sized women are not really represented in the media, movies, fashion and more. She also always reminders her followers that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and no matter what you look like, you are worthy and should be respected.  Her bubbly and vibrant personality paired with her body positivity will always draw me to her account when I’m feeling a little down.


I’ve only been following Noelle for a few months now but she is just simply amazing. This girl is constantly building up the other women around her. A lot of people in the “influencer” industry seems to tear each other down to get ahead and Noelle is the complete opposite! It seems like she has made so many genuine friendships with women from all walks of life. But my favorite thing about her is how honest she is with all is her follows. She occasionally posts a few BTS photos of her showing her followers what really happened when taking pictures, instead of just posting the perfectly posted photo. She is extremely body postive and is always willing to show the fact that her tummy also has rolls! She inspires me to focus on my well-being by cooking more meals at home and getting my ass to the gym with her cute recipes and daily “heading to the gym” outfit inspos!



I have been in love with Demi Lovato since she stared in the Disney Channel short “As the Bell Rings” and then of course “Camp Rock”. So I’ve followed her through all of her ups and downs. She’s struggled with so much in her life and watching her overcome so many of her own personal demons like eating disorders and drug abuse inspires me to keep fighting my demons. She is so raw and honest and she empowers so many people on a daily basis. Not only is she extremely beautiful physically but you can just tell that she also has a beautiful soul and really wants to inspire others to become better versions of themselves for themselves.


I have been obsessed with Ashley Graham since her legendary Sports Illustrated cover. This woman is a badass. She is unapologetic and just simply an inspiration. She celebrates her curves, rolls, stretch marks and other “imperfections” and wants everyone else to do the same! She believes that more women of all shapes and sizes need to be represented in magazines, movies, fashion shows and so on and I couldn’t agree more!


I fell into a true crime worm hole on Youtube one day and found the lovely Loey! So not only do her and I have a fascination with all things horror and scary but we also feel very strongly about spreading body positivity. She has a playlist on Youtube titled “The Curvy Diaries”, all about her plus-size hauls and lookbooks. I love that she is providing plus-size women with a way to style their clothes in a cute and fashionable way since to be honest, most companies don’t do that. They want “bigger” women to hide their bodies away, while Loey wants women to celebrate their bodies and not shy away from crop tops even if you’re not a size 2!


I love following along Kai’s life. To put it simply, she is a badass bitch! My favorite thing about following her is that she is brutally honest and she’s unapologetic about it. She will straight up say that her kids are driving her nuts at the moment or that she is struggling with how she feels about herself and the way she looks. And although she lets her followers know shes also struggling, like everyone else, she always ends things on a positive note. Her honesty is what drew me to her page and it’s what keeps me around!




I’ve known Summer for years! Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but also has an amazingly huge heart. There is no way to be sad when you’re around her. This girl forces everyone around her to see the beauty in themselves. Whenever I’m feeling down about myself, I can always count on Summer to hype me up! She is such a free spirting with a love for adventure and life. She inspires me every single day to enjoy the little things and not take life so seriously. I know people tend to say, “you can’t be self-conscious you have the perfect body”, but that is definitely not true. No matter what you look like, sometimes we all struggle a little. And Summer is no different. Although Summer is absolutely stunning, she still suffers from self-esteem issues just like everyone else and the fact that she is honest about that just proves that we are all in this together. (Ignore my High School Musical reference.) We both are so like-minded in the way that we believe that all women should love themselves no matter what and express themselves the way they chose too without the fear of being judged. I have mad love for this girl!


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